Welcome To My PageEdit

My Name Is Vngel W. At this moment, I will be using my page to post stories that I have written. For the most part, they will be CreepyPastas, but that does not exclude stories involved in other genres will not be posted. Please stay tune and comment any kind of feedback. I prefer to have constructive feedback since I am always open to correcting any flaws in my work. Please enjoy.

Quick SummaryEdit

I am a huge Horror, Sci-fi and Adevnture type of person. With that said, I hope to be able create some rather entertaining stories. I hope that you find entertaining as well.

Below you will find the links to the pages based on genres:

  • To read my CreepyPastas, please click: Vngel W Creepypasta.
  • To read my Sci-Fi Stories, please click: COMING SOON.
  • To read my Adventur Stories, please click: COMING SOON.

Latest activityEdit

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